Spicy peanut tofu

spicy peanut tofu

Tofu is so often written off because it tastes of nothing. But flip this on its head and this is actually the joy of tofu…it literally soaks up flavours, so cook it with some good ingredients and it’ll taste delish. The added bonus? It’s really low in calories, adds texture and is high in protein which means it will make you feel full. I am hoping this recipe can sway any tofu haters out there! The recipe is a little bit satay-esque but with less ingredients and some added spice. It honestly is DELICIOUS.

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Brinkley’s gazpacho


This recipe for gazpacho comes from the cook book, which my cousins and I all received last Christmas, compiled by “Father Christmas.” It includes all of our family favourites from Big Granny’s lemon mousse to Dad’s green tomato chutney. Gazpacho is a cold, Spanish, tomato soup and this is the recipe they use at Brinkley’s restaurants. It’s full of flavour, low on calories and  is definitely part of the PLI repertoire.

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Fail safe chicken tarragon

Chicken tarragon recipe

On my “about” page, I briefly mention that I was a chalet girl for 6 months. But I owe this time huge credit, as it is where I learnt to cook for big numbers and not let culinary catastrophes phase me… too much! This fail safe chicken tarragon was a regular on the menu during those 6 months. It tastes amazing and is good value for money, making it the perfect week night, dinner party fodder.

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Spring salad bowl

Earlier this week I had all the intentions of eating healthily (until my birthday yesterday… where clearly this didn’t happen.) This was my spring salad bowl I had for lunch at work on Tuesday. I really love raw asparagus in salads, it’s the woody, nutty taste and crunch which makes this bowl sing, plus it’s asparagus season!  Continue reading

Kottu Roti

I just wanted to share one more Sri Lankan recipe: kottu roti! This is a Sri Lankan staple which is very filling, unlike anything I have had before, and absolutely yum! Roti is the Sri Lankan version of naan bread, and this recipe involves a special technique of chopping it up very small and combining it with lots of other ingredients. We were staying at Number One Mirissa on Mirissa beach, and the chef there really kindly let me into the kitchen and showed me how to make this dish.

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Sri Lankan chicken curry

I know this is my first post in a while but that’s because I have been on hols in Sri Lanka!  I am not going to bang on too much about how much I loved it… but it really does get 10 out of 10! It is the most beautiful country with the nicest, kindest people, the yummiest food, so many amazing places to explore and more often than not, glorious weather.

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