Bacon, onion and two cheese frittata

Bacon, onion and two cheese frittata

This simple weeknight supper is a great way of using up leftovers and makes a mean packed lunch too. Serving it from the pan, results in a rustic and attractive look, and coupled with a simple salad it really isn’t bad for you either. It just reminds me how much I love eggs and how versatile they can be as an ingredient.

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Skinny turkey and courgette burgers with tahini yog and salsa

Skinny turkey and courgette burgers with tahini yog and salsa

You can never buy just one courgette…It’s a total pain. But not this time! This should be a go to for everyone, whether you decide it’s a delicious supper or a packed lunch. It uses turkey which is naturally low in fat and there is no need for carbs, making this super healthy. But don’t fret, just buy a bap and it’s perfect for the hungrier mouths too. Go on try it… You really wont regret it.

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