Cold cucumber and fennel soup with smoked trout

Cold cucumber and fennel soup with smoked trout

This recipe is a Β bit Scandi and a bit different. It was literally created on the back of a craving I had for something fresh and palate cleansing for supper. The rich and flakey smoked trout combined with cooling cucumber is a real winner. Ideal for a light lunch on a summer’s day, a starter at a dinner party or a simple supper. Take your pick.

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Fail safe chicken tarragon

Chicken tarragon recipe

On my “about” page, I briefly mention that I was a chalet girl for 6 months. But I owe this time huge credit, as it is where I learnt to cook for big numbers and not let culinary catastrophesΒ phase me… too much! This fail safe chicken tarragon was a regular on the menu during those 6 months. It tastes amazing and is good value for money,Β making it the perfect week night, dinner party fodder.

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