Skinny coodles with tonnato

This little supper is part of my New Year’s diet plan. Tonnato is a tuna based sauce that the Italians slather over veal usually. This recipe had piqued my interest. However, the veal had to go as it’s not an ingredient I can pick up easily, and YummaNumma is all about simple suppers for busy people. So I created this slimming recipe… coodles (cucumber noodles), deliciously soft boiled burford browns, tonnato sauce and crisp capers.

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Tuna steak with coodle salad and a tahini dressing

Tuna steak with coodle and mango salad and a tahini dressing

This dish is right up the Paleo diet’s alley. You might well ask what the feck is a coodle? Well the answer is.. it’s a cucumber noodle. Turning cucumber into stringy noodles adds texture and substance to this salad. It’s a really winning combo that is pretty slimming and takes minutes to make. I am determined this year not to be a heffer by Christmas and I think this recipe might be one I return to again and again on my quest not to melt to fat over the winter.

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Skinny turkey and courgette burgers with tahini yog and salsa

Skinny turkey and courgette burgers with tahini yog and salsa

You can never buy just one courgette…It’s a total pain. But not this time! This should be a go to for everyone, whether you decide it’s a delicious supper or a packed lunch. It uses turkey which is naturally low in fat and there is no need for carbs, making this super healthy. But don’t fret, just buy a bap and it’s perfect for the hungrier mouths too. Go on try it… You really wont regret it.

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