Skinny coodles with tonnato

This little supper is part of my New Year’s diet plan. Tonnato is a tuna based sauce that the Italians slather over veal usually. This recipe had piqued my interest. However, the veal had to go as it’s not an ingredient I can pick up easily, and YummaNumma is all about simple suppers for busy people. So I created this slimming recipe… coodles (cucumber noodles), deliciously soft boiled burford browns, tonnato sauce and crisp capers.

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Tuna steak with coodle salad and a tahini dressing

Tuna steak with coodle and mango salad and a tahini dressing

This dish is right up the Paleo diet’s alley. You might well ask what the feck is a coodle? Well the answer is.. it’s a cucumber noodle. Turning cucumber into stringy noodles adds texture and substance to this salad. It’s a really winning combo that is pretty slimming and takes minutes to make. I am determined this year not to be a heffer by Christmas and I think this recipe might be one I return to again and again on my quest not to melt to fat over the winter.

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Warming simple supper for two

Warming simple supper for two

Oh my god… the rain. It’s so flipping miserable. Where has the summer gone?? With a great friend coming for supper, my plans for chicken salad  were scuppered as I dragged my waterlogged self home. I certainly didn’t feel like cold salad on a cold wet autumnal evening.  Thinking quickly I decided to whip up these roasted, baking potato slices with some herby chicken and a sriracha mayo.

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Skinny mexican pesto, prawn and avocado bowl

Skinny mexican pesto, prawn and avocado bowl

A delicious post-exercise salad bowl that combines some of Mexico’s classic flavours like lime, coriander and avocado. I’ve recently booked my flights to Texas in December and have been dreaming of Tex Mex food ever since. But I am trying to have a few healthy days ahead of the weekend and this is a great carb free supper that really packs a punch.  Continue reading

Ultimate cheese on toast

Ultimate cheese on toast

Cosy and comforting, cheese on toast is always welcome. We made this over the bank holiday weekend in Aldeburgh, to enjoy on our laps as we watched Magic Mike (nothing like the Full Monty… and actually a really crap film, but this isn’t a film review blog so will stop there.) A simple recipe which uses ingredients you are bound to have lying about. Want inspiration for supper tonight… Why not give this a go?

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Peach, rocket and parma ham salad

Peach, rocket and parma ham salad

I am off on hols this weekend to Tuscany, so in a last minute attempt to get bikini-body-ready,  I whipped up this delicious, but on the lighter side, salad to have for supper.  You could always add mozzarella for a bit of indulgence too. Serve it as a side to BBQ meats or enjoy it on its own, whatever you decide, I hope you’ll agree that it’s delish.

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