Ultimate cheese on toast

Ultimate cheese on toast

Cosy and comforting, cheese on toast is always welcome. We made this over the bank holiday weekend in Aldeburgh, to enjoy on our laps as we watched Magic Mike (nothing like the Full Monty… and actually a really crap film, but this isn’t a film review blog so will stop there.) A simple recipe which uses ingredients you are bound to have lying about. Want inspiration for supper tonight… Why not give this a go?

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Spring salad bowl

Earlier this week I had all the intentions of eating healthily (until my birthday yesterday… where clearly this didn’t happen.) This was my spring salad bowl I had for lunch at work on Tuesday. I really love raw asparagus in salads, it’s the woody, nutty taste and crunch which makes this bowl sing, plus it’s asparagus season!  Continue reading

Quick office lunch

Sometimes the old school recipes are the best and going back to basics isn’t a always a bad thing. While this blog post may not involve any technical skill or an innovative recipe, I thought I would share this office lunch number just in case any one was looking for some lunchtime inspiration. I know I always am in search of alternative and healthier ways to enjoy the classics and this ties in nicely with #meatfreeweek.

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Thai beef noodle salad

While I was at home in Sussex for the weekend,  my flat mate and her boyfriend cooked the most stunning piece of beef for supper on Saturday, courtesy of Farmdrop. What is Farmdrop I hear you say… well Emma’s boyfriend works for the company and it is an exciting new startup which takes out the middle man and allows the consumer to buy directly from the supplier. Got to be a good thing right?

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