Spruced up strawberries and cream

spruced up strawberries and cream

With Wimbledon around the corner it seemed apt to blog about British strawbs and cream. This recipe takes the humble strawberry and lifts it to new heights. Most supermarkets keep fruit in the fridgeΒ which literally kills the flavour. With the addition of just a few ingredients you can make this berry sing and taste amazing once again.

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Baked peaches with an almond topping

Baked peaches with an almond topping

Peaches and nectarines are up there in terms of my ultimate fave fruits. But the absolute key to this pudding is buying ripe peaches. You can tell a ripe peach if, when you cut them in half and twist, the two halves come away from each other with delicious juicy ease. If its a struggle, put them in a bowl with some bananas (they help other fruit ripen) or near a sunny window for a day.

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Indulgent dinner party: the pudding

Pineapple with mint syrup

Well… I have slightly come a cropper because the pudding wasn’t very indulgent at all. But it was numma… This is a go to recipe for lunch parties in the summer, picnics, breakfast or any occasion really, its my pineapple with mint syrup and vanilla ice cream. Occasionally I enjoy really rich puddings (who doesn’t!?) but more often than not, I prefer citrus or fruity puds which round the meal off… this is one of those and I’m hoping you’ll make it a staple in your repertoire! Continue reading