Cold cucumber and fennel soup with smoked trout

Cold cucumber and fennel soup with smoked trout

This recipe is a  bit Scandi and a bit different. It was literally created on the back of a craving I had for something fresh and palate cleansing for supper. The rich and flakey smoked trout combined with cooling cucumber is a real winner. Ideal for a light lunch on a summer’s day, a starter at a dinner party or a simple supper. Take your pick.

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Bacon, onion and two cheese frittata

Bacon, onion and two cheese frittata

This simple weeknight supper is a great way of using up leftovers and makes a mean packed lunch too. Serving it from the pan, results in a rustic and attractive look, and coupled with a simple salad it really isn’t bad for you either. It just reminds me how much I love eggs and how versatile they can be as an ingredient.

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Skinny turkey and courgette burgers with tahini yog and salsa

Skinny turkey and courgette burgers with tahini yog and salsa

You can never buy just one courgette…It’s a total pain. But not this time! This should be a go to for everyone, whether you decide it’s a delicious supper or a packed lunch. It uses turkey which is naturally low in fat and there is no need for carbs, making this super healthy. But don’t fret, just buy a bap and it’s perfect for the hungrier mouths too. Go on try it… You really wont regret it.

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Courgetti with spicy, minty lamb sauce

Courgetti with spicy, minty lamb sauce

I had a meeting this week which lasted from 12.30 until 4 but they didn’t give us any lunch! When I say I was hungry… I was literally ravenous.  By 6pm I was out the door and was whizzing round the supermarket to gather a few ingredients for an early supper/late lunch. I came across this recipe when I was looking at Rose’s blog The Culinary Queen of Pimlico and it’s clearly been lying low in my subconscious since because it was the first thing I thought of in my deliriously hungry state. Piled on top of courgetti, this rich and spicy lamb sauce 100% hit the spot. Blink and you’ll miss it… I inhaled the lot.

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Miso glazed aubergines with sichuan pork lettuce boats

Miso glazed aubergines with Sichuan Pork lettuce boats

Cosy, comforting and properly yum, this is the recipe for my miso glazed aubergine discs with stir fried Sichuan minced pork. Together they make a tasty little mouthful. The addition of crisp lettuce leaves is a refreshing contrast, the ideal tool for eating the pork and makes this a carb free supper!

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Rump steaks with herby garlic butter

Steaks with herby garlic butter

I am thrilled with this recipe for a midweek supper with a boy, because in the past I have had problems finding a happy, healthy, middle ground. Steaks always go down well, and this simple side of healthy (ish) creamed spinach, and the added joy of rich garlicy and herbed butter, take this simple supper to the next level. Ready in all of ten minutes too!

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