The taste of Spring

Spring lamb with braised lettuce, peas, new potatoes and salsa verde

One of my greatest friends from Uni came for dinner last night. For those of you who love flowers, Daisy is the most incredible florist and you can check out her amazing website here. This recent spell of gorgeous Spring weather, has really put a spring in my step (no pun intended) and I was so looking forward to a good old chin wag with Dais. It was in this jolly mood that I sauntered off to the supermarket in search of ingredients that would really celebrate the season. The result: British lamb rump steaks with braised lettuce and salsa verde.

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Leftovers lunch

Yesterday I was working from home because I have such a killer sore throat and hacking cough. I wanted to make something quick and simple, that didn’t require me leaving the house, so I dived into the fridge to see what I could pull together… It ended up being quite a random little lunch, but nonetheless a delish one, and just goes to show that with a little thought something can be made from nothing!

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