Skinny coodles with tonnato

This little supper is part of my New Year’s diet plan. Tonnato is a tuna based sauce that the Italians slather over veal usually. This recipe had piqued my interest. However, the veal had to go as it’s not an ingredient I can pick up easily, and YummaNumma is all about simple suppers for busy people. So I created this slimming recipe… coodles (cucumber noodles), deliciously soft boiled burford browns, tonnato sauce and crisp capers.

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Salmon and coconut curried soup

If you follow me on instagram, you will know that I have just been in Texas. After a full on but amazing five days away, it was straight back into work with the Christmas party and it is now looking pretty non-stop until Christmas. Exhausting. Fear not!!! This recipe hits you up with some cold-fighting and energising ingredients that will see you through these next few weeks. I found out in Texas that chillies are packed full of vitamin C and are the Texan’s secret weapon to fight colds. Who knew!?

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Peach, rocket and parma ham salad

Peach, rocket and parma ham salad

I am off on hols this weekend to Tuscany, so in a last minute attempt to get bikini-body-ready,  I whipped up this delicious, but on the lighter side, salad to have for supper.  You could always add mozzarella for a bit of indulgence too. Serve it as a side to BBQ meats or enjoy it on its own, whatever you decide, I hope you’ll agree that it’s delish.

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Bacon, onion and two cheese frittata

Bacon, onion and two cheese frittata

This simple weeknight supper is a great way of using up leftovers and makes a mean packed lunch too. Serving it from the pan, results in a rustic and attractive look, and coupled with a simple salad it really isn’t bad for you either. It just reminds me how much I love eggs and how versatile they can be as an ingredient.

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Chicken salad to remember

Chicken salad to remember

I am trying to be carb free in the evenings at the moment. But I really couldn’t bear the thought of a boring salad. Fear not – this salad is one for the repertoire, carb free but stuffed full of goodies including bacon, eggs and a dressing you will just adore. It’s healthy and guilt-free but you don’t feel cheated either because it’s so numma!  Continue reading