Salmon and coconut curried soup

If you follow me on instagram, you will know that I have just been in Texas. After a full on but amazing five days away, it was straight back into work with the Christmas party and it is now looking pretty non-stop until Christmas. Exhausting. Fear not!!! This recipe hits you up with some cold-fighting and energising ingredients that will see you through these next few weeks. I found out in Texas that chillies are packed full of vitamin C and are the Texan’s secret weapon to fight colds. Who knew!?

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Cold cucumber and fennel soup with smoked trout

Cold cucumber and fennel soup with smoked trout

This recipe is a  bit Scandi and a bit different. It was literally created on the back of a craving I had for something fresh and palate cleansing for supper. The rich and flakey smoked trout combined with cooling cucumber is a real winner. Ideal for a light lunch on a summer’s day, a starter at a dinner party or a simple supper. Take your pick.

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Courgetti with spicy, minty lamb sauce

Courgetti with spicy, minty lamb sauce

I had a meeting this week which lasted from 12.30 until 4 but they didn’t give us any lunch! When I say I was hungry… I was literally ravenous.  By 6pm I was out the door and was whizzing round the supermarket to gather a few ingredients for an early supper/late lunch. I came across this recipe when I was looking at Rose’s blog The Culinary Queen of Pimlico and it’s clearly been lying low in my subconscious since because it was the first thing I thought of in my deliriously hungry state. Piled on top of courgetti, this rich and spicy lamb sauce 100% hit the spot. Blink and you’ll miss it… I inhaled the lot.

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Chicken salad to remember

Chicken salad to remember

I am trying to be carb free in the evenings at the moment. But I really couldn’t bear the thought of a boring salad. Fear not – this salad is one for the repertoire, carb free but stuffed full of goodies including bacon, eggs and a dressing you will just adore. It’s healthy and guilt-free but you don’t feel cheated either because it’s so numma!  Continue reading

Sweet potato hash browns, eggs and spiced yoghurt

Sweet potato hash browns, eggs and spiced yoghurt

I am going on holiday in August and so thought I better up my exercise. I bought Josie’s 21 day fat burn which I am trying to do first thing in the mornings and I’ll let you know the verdict. This Saturday, I was off on a hen party, so I got up early (unheard of) and did my workout, before fuelling up for the day ahead. This brekka is filling, healthy, and most certainly delish. You must give it a whirl. Continue reading