Chicken with bacon and thyme (aka Chicken in Sick)

Chicken with bacon and thyme (aka Chicken in Sick)

I cannot sadly take credit for this recipe. It comes from my great friend “The Culinary Queen of Pimlico” who gave it the name Chicken in Sick. Fear not, this recipe is far from revolting, and actually should be called Chicken in heaven…but that just wouldn’t be as memorable would it!

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Spruced up strawberries and cream

spruced up strawberries and cream

With Wimbledon around the corner it seemed apt to blog about British strawbs and cream. This recipe takes the humble strawberry and lifts it to new heights. Most supermarkets keep fruit in the fridgeΒ which literally kills the flavour. With the addition of just a few ingredients you can make this berry sing and taste amazing once again.

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