Warming simple supper for two

Warming simple supper for two

Oh my god… the rain. It’s so flipping miserable. Where has the summer gone?? With a great friend coming for supper, my plans for chicken salad Β were scuppered as I dragged my waterlogged self home. I certainly didn’t feel like cold salad on a cold wet autumnal evening. Β Thinking quickly I decided to whip up these roasted, baking potato slices with some herby chicken and a srirachaΒ mayo.

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The hangover curer: creamy tomato pasta

The hangover cure: creamy tomato pasta

I was so lucky to celebrate the wedding of two great friends from my ski season. In true Sophie and Russell style, they threw the most insane party and I was left feeling rather worse for wear on Sunday. I made my way back to London nursing my head and concentrating on the one thing that would make me feel better…creamy tomato pasta with a full fat coke.

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Ultimate cheese on toast

Ultimate cheese on toast

Cosy and comforting, cheese on toast is always welcome. We made this over the bank holiday weekend in Aldeburgh, to enjoy on our laps as we watched Magic Mike (nothing like the Full Monty… and actually a really crap film, but this isn’t a film review blog so will stop there.) A simple recipe which uses ingredients you are bound to have lying about. Want inspiration for supper tonight… Why not give this a go?

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Chicken with bacon and thyme (aka Chicken in Sick)

Chicken with bacon and thyme (aka Chicken in Sick)

I cannot sadly take credit for this recipe. It comes from my great friend “The Culinary Queen of Pimlico” who gave it the name Chicken in Sick. Fear not, this recipe is far from revolting, and actually should be called Chicken in heaven…but that just wouldn’t be as memorable would it!

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Sweet potato hash browns, eggs and spiced yoghurt

Sweet potato hash browns, eggs and spiced yoghurt

I am going on holiday in August and so thought I better up my exercise. I bought Josie’s 21 day fat burn which I am trying to do first thing in the mornings and I’ll let you know the verdict. This Saturday, I was off on a hen party, so I got up early (unheard of) and did my workout, before fuelling up for the day ahead. This brekka is filling, healthy, and most certainly delish. You must give it a whirl. Continue reading