Cosy chicken and puy lentil recipe

Cosy chicken and lentil recipe

I’ve been very absent recently and I am very sorry! Β But I abide by the law that food blogging must be fun and having been stressed out by other bits and bobs I haven’t been able to focus on YummaNumma nearly enough. Until…The final of the Great British Bake Off called for something cosy to keep our tummies from grumbling as we eagerly awaited who would be crowned this years champion. This lentil and chicken recipe is just so simple and rather numma too. Just the ticket for a cosy night in.

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Chicken with bacon and thyme (aka Chicken in Sick)

Chicken with bacon and thyme (aka Chicken in Sick)

I cannot sadly take credit for this recipe. It comes from my great friend “The Culinary Queen of Pimlico” who gave it the name Chicken in Sick. Fear not, this recipe is far from revolting, and actually should be called Chicken in heaven…but that just wouldn’t be as memorable would it!

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Chicken salad to remember

Chicken salad to remember

I am trying to be carb free in the evenings at the moment. But I really couldn’t bear the thought of a boring salad. Fear not – this salad is one for the repertoire, carb free but stuffed full of goodies including bacon, eggs and a dressing you will just adore. It’s healthy and guilt-free but you don’t feel cheated either because it’s so numma!Β  Continue reading

Barbecuing in the Isle of Wight

hedgehog potatoes

I returned to Bembridge in the Isle of Wight this weekend to stay with Sam. It was heaven to get out of London, embrace the fickle British summer and get barbecuing. In my opinion there are two key aspects to a great BBQ (especially for lots of people):

  1. ensuring the meat is prepared corectly so that it will cook evenly… i.e kebabs, butterflying lamb or spatchcocking chicken; and
  2. a bloody good marinade.

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Boyfriend-friendly chicken thighs with lemon and thyme

Boyfriend friendly chicken thighs with lemon and thyme

I find cooking and eating with boys can be tricky because they often want rich French/English food (I am thinking of one boy in particular) and this doesn’t really tally with my efforts to be healthy-ish during the week. These chicken thighs with roasted new potatoes and broc are a great compromise! It’s a delicious summery number which you don’t need to feel guilty eating, doesn’t slip you 1000 calories in a mouthful butΒ tickles the taste buds and satisfies theΒ larger appetites too!

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