Skin plumping green smoothie

skin plumping green smoothie

I have taken to walking to work in the mornings, and it’s been a treatΒ sipping on this delicious smoothie while I stroll through London. It only has 3 ingredients: avocado, almond milk and kiwi. The avocado and almond milk are so good for your skin making it glow, while the kiwi gives you that boost of vitamin C.

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Winning tastes good

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that about 3 weeks ago I won a competition during national breakfast week. I have since been receiving and devouring the glorious products sent to me by Cuckoo Foods, Rebel Kitchen, Wolfy’s, Virtue Ice Tea and Spoon Cereals. I have to admit I have been so spoiled and will miss receiving parcels every day!

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