Bacon, onion and two cheese frittata

Bacon, onion and two cheese frittata

This simple weeknight supper is a great way of using up leftovers and makes a mean packed lunch too. Serving it from the pan, results in a rustic and attractive look, and coupled with a simple salad it really isn’t bad for you either. It just reminds me how much I love eggs and how versatile they can be as an ingredient.

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Chicken with bacon and thyme (aka Chicken in Sick)

Chicken with bacon and thyme (aka Chicken in Sick)

I cannot sadly take credit for this recipe. It comes from my great friend “The Culinary Queen of Pimlico” who gave it the name Chicken in Sick. Fear not, this recipe is far from revolting, and actually should be called Chicken in heaven…but that just wouldn’t be as memorable would it!

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