About YummaNumma

Chloe Maier pic

Name: Chloe Maier

YummaNumma: the name is a bit rogue but ‘Numma’ has always been a family term to describe all things yummy….so got to be a good place to start

What’s it all about? I try and eat everything in moderation. YummaNumma is for busy people who want to be able to whip up something delicious, quickly. I don’t have hours of time in the evenings as I have a full-time job, and imagine nor do you! YummaNumma includes healthy recipes, dinner party menu plans, breakfast and  brunch inspiration with a bit of baking thrown in too. None of my recipes take longer than an hour and most take about 20 mins! Ultimately, I want to bring my readers happiness through simple but delicious recipes.

Experience: first attempt at a blog so please bear with…but I am a keen old cook. Usually adopt a pretty slapdash approach and like to think of innovative ways to use up leftovers. I have done a cooking course at the Avenue, have since been a chalet girl for 6 months and cooked for families across the UK for numbers up to 20.

Sometimes get called: Piglet, Trotters, Willett, Ham Fisted Harry, Clumsy Chloe

Get my kicks from: making people happy through food, eating, restaurants, Harry Potter, crime dramas, gentle jogging, Poodles, Glen of Imaal Terriers, netball

Bore off to: celery, scary masks, people who take life too seriously

One ingredient I would take to a desert island: eggs

Social media: instagram, twitter, pinterest, facebook

Contact: yummanummablog@gmail.com

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