Egg in a nest

When Henry and I went to Texas we were lucky enough to stay with some amazing people along the way. In Austin our Louisiana friend made us egg in a nest for brekka…. it’s a naughty breakfast that ticks all the boxes. We were very grateful to be introduced to this number!

  • 1 piece of bread
  • 1 egg
  • knob of butter
  • avo if you fancy it

Simple recipe this one! Using a mug or a scone cutter, make a circle in your bread…


Fry this in some butter until golden brown and delicious.


Flip. Crack the egg into the hole and cook for a few minutes. Mine broke (livid) and it was my last egg…but try and keep them whole if poss!!


Flip. Whip out the pan. Slice your avo. Scoff.


The Americans KNOW aboutΒ breakfast.

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