A birthday feast

So this weekend it was Dad’s birthday. Who doesn’t love a birthday party? It’s an excuse to scoff even if it’s not your own. Mum and I had a number of discussions throughout the week before we finally settled on the menu…

The first edible aspectΒ that I can take any credit for was the cake. Mum had made a gingerbread in advance, and I whipped up a really thick and sugary, lemon icing.

A birthday feast

On went the candles… and bob’s your uncle.

 A birthday feast

Mum had been busy in the week running up to the big event… she had made an insanely scrummy cucumber mousse which we served with smoked salmon. Nice and light and a bit like a moussey tztaziki.

A birthday feast

I, meanwhile turned my attention to the main course. This recipe was introduced to me by Celina, who always has great recipes up her sleeve. Chicken with endives in a naughty creamy sauce…it is originally by Nigel Slater and it really is delicious.

A birthday feast

A birthday feast

A birthday feast

Utterly full, we managed to make room for an individual tarte tatin, but by which point I had drunk far too much and forgot to take a photograph. Don’t worry though, this recipe has already been blogged here...

Does this sound appealing – I would love to know what you would like to eat on your birthday weekend?

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