A French foodie adventure: La Rochelle

La Rochelle, on the West coast of France, was the first stop of my recent French foodie adventure. Daisy and I set off on Thursday to meet Dad and two of his pals for a weekend of sailing, sunshine and scoffing.

We touched down in 33 degree heat and within seconds, headed straight off to get an ice-cream… creme brulee for me, salted  cara for Dais.

Creme brulee and salted caramel ice cream

creme brulee and salted caramel ice creams la rochelle

We had a few minutes to settle in to life on board Papillon and to enjoy a glass of rose in the sunshine, before we headed out for dinner near the old port.

Papillon La Rochelle

La Rochelle

I opted for succulent little bulots followed by buttery, flakey skate and then canelé with a caramel sauce.

Bulots La Rochelle

Skate La Rochelle

Canele La Rochelle

Totally spoiling, extremely indulgent and utterly delicious. The holiday had started with a bang! After a little night cap, we strolled back to the boat, and hunkered down for our first night on board.

La Rochelle

Before we knew it, morning had come and we were all up on deck enjoying fresh croissant for brekka. The morning was wiled away reading books, doing a bit of window shopping, enjoying the sun and drinking coffee.

Coffee in La Rochelle

Yes… we found a shop dedicated to tinned anchovies, sardines and all sorts of delights!

tinned sardines and anchovies

Then it was time to take on the La Rochelle food market. David and Nick are both fantastic cooks and have the amazing talent of being able to whip up a feast fit for kings in the galley on board (trust me it’s no mean feat…but more on this in tomorrow’s post). So between us we set about buying a huge array of treats.

Cheese seller La Rochelle Market

This guy sold us the biggest hunk of cheese you have ever seen!

La Rochelle market is a foodie’s dream. There is literally everything you could ever want to eat, from fresh fish and seafood…


seafood and crabs


To juicy ripe peaches and melons…



All sorts of meats…

merguez sausages

salami and saucisson

Did you know its extremely bad luck to bring a rabbit on board a boat?


Glistening cherries and whacky radishes winking at us in the sun…



Daisy sniffed out her flowers…


Daisy Flowers

And then it was back to Papillon for a delicious lunch of ham penetrated with herbs and mouth wateringly ripe cheese.

Returning from the market

The cheese was called Coulommiers… it needed to be eaten there and then and it turned out we didn’t need to be told twice.

Coulommiers cheese and ham


Feeling rather full, but extremely happy, we hoisted the sails and set sail for St Martin on the Ile De Re

St Martin Ile De Re

Stay tuned for round two of the food photography onslaught as another blog post is on its way… it’s filled with sumptuous meals including a bouillabaisse cooked by David and Nick on board, and an assiette de fruits de mer that will make you want to book a seaside holiday pronto!

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