Egg mayo and anchovy salad

This recipe is so simple and delicious. It combines the classic flavours of salty anchovies with rich and creamy egg mayonnaise and… it’s good for you!

All you need:

Make your egg mayonnaise either before you go to work or the night before by boiling 2 eggs for 8 minutes and then chopping finely and combining with your mayo. If you don’t have time to do this you can cheat and buy the ready made stuff…absolutely no judgement here! Then all you need to do is assemble the anchovies, chopped cherry tomatoes and egg mayo on a bed of sprouty goodness. Instead of the Tesco finest brand of anchovies you can use the unadulterated plain ones, but these ones are seriously tasty and in my opinion transform this salad from good to sensational.

anchovies with egg mayo and alfalfa sprouts

Unbelievably numma and so simple, this light lunch also fits in nicely with the PLI diet.

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