Spring salad bowl

Earlier this week I had all the intentions of eating healthily (until my birthday yesterday… where clearly this didn’t happen.) This was my spring salad bowl I had for lunch at work on Tuesday. I really love raw asparagus in salads, it’s the woody, nutty taste and crunch which makes this bowl sing, plus it’s asparagus season!Β 


Firstly mix together the lentils and the asparagus, cutting the stalks into bite size pieces but leaving the tips as smallish spears.

salad1 (4)

Cut up your ham slices and dice your jalapeno and then add this to the bowl along with a good splodge of cottage cheese.

image2 (7)

I was particularly hungry on Tuesday so made some (sort of) croutons to go with my bowl. I use gluten free bread as I find it far less sleep inducing than normal bread but obviously this can be adjusted according to preference. I just toasted the bread and then doused it in some extra virgin olive oil and then chopped it up into croutons.

salad1 (2)

All that’s left to do is combine all the salady ingredients and top with your croutons. Numma, filling and delish.


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