Frozen eton mess

This is a naughty little pud! It’s super easy to make and always goes down well. All that’s important is to remember to leave plenty of time to allow this to freeze for a minimum of 3 hours.

This will make enough for 8 people with a little bit leftover:


All you need to do is whip your cream until its stiff. Break up the crunchies and meringues and fold this into the mixture alongside the fruit. We actually used frozen fruit this time, but I think fresh fruit works better.


Then line either a loaf tin, or something similar with cling film, leaving plenty hanging over the sides. Tip in the eton mess mixture and then use the excess cling film to wrap over the exposed top. Bung this in the freezer.


When you are ready for pudding, use the cling film to lever out the frozen eton mess and arrange with fresh fruit. Cut slices off the brick and serve. You can re-wrap any leftovers and keep this in the freezer for a naughty treat later in the week.


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