Experimenting with Simply Cook

Simply Cook… if you haven’t heard of them, have a look at their website hereThey are an exciting start up company who want to get everyone cooking at home and dig out the inner foodie in you. What’s great is that this is a low cost option and requires little effort and time.


Usually boxes cost £10 but your first one will be half price… bargain! You  will receive 4 recipes and each one comes with a set of 3 pots of spices/herbs, non perishable goods, so all you have to do is pick up the fresh ingredients. I went for the Char Siu pork recipe with pak choi and rice. Well… I omitted the rice because I am trying not to eat carbs in the evening so for my version the fresh goods included:

  • pork tenderloin (mine cost £3.89)
  • pak choi
  • spring onions
  • garlic clove

Then, all I had to do was follow the recipe. First, I had to combine two of my pots together: the hoi sin and black bean sauces and marinate the pork, I left this to stand for half an hour, before I cooked the meat for 20 mins in an oven of 200 degrees.


Prepare the pak choi and spring onions by giving them a bit of a chop, and then stir fry in some olive oil in  a wok with the garlic clove. When cooked, just add the final pot to coat the veg, which was soy and red miso.


It was simple, delicious and used interesting flavours. I would definitely make it again. Perfect package if you aren’t confident in the kitchen but want to try adventurous or just simply delicious food. Only downer: absolute kicker to wash up and eventually had to soak the dish I cooked the pork in. But if that’s the crux…it’s well worth giving Simply Cook a go, it scored mega points in the numma department.


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