Easy peasy Thai green curry

I have been very hectic over the last few days, and it’s during periods like this that I dive into my repertoire of simple suppers that I don’t have to think about way in advance. This Thai curry recipe is a winner for those evenings when time is not on your side. A big bonus too, is that once you have bought the ingredients to make this for the first time, the majority of them can sit in your cupboard until your next frantic week comes around.

For 3 portions (with a little bit leftover) you will need:

This recipe is served on a bed of rice – so first things first, you need to put your rice on to boil. In my view the key to good rice is to first give the grains a really good wash, taking away all that starch. Secondly you must try and resist the temptation to take the lid off while the rice is cooking… at least not before 20 mins have passed. It’s hard, but this self control will lead to fluffy grains, believe me.

image1 (2)

Once your rice is on, heat up the coconut oil in a wok and when hot, add your aubergine and fry for a few minutes. Meanwhile, slice up the chicken into nice thin strips and add them to the pan, making sure they get nice and browned. Next add the garlic and chilli and fry for a minute longer before adding in the curry paste and making sure all the chicken and aubergine is nicely covered and the kitchen smells divine.

image2 (2)

Add in the coconut milk, water chestnuts and kaffir lime leaf and simmer for 15 minutes. Pour in a bit of soy for seasoning and a grind of pepper.

Quick recipe

Serve on a bed of rice and enjoy this bowl bursting with flavour. Healthier, cheaper and in my opnion more numma than a takeaway Thai curry, why not give this simple recipe a try this evening?

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