Winning tastes good

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that about 3 weeks ago I won a competition during national breakfast week. I have since been receiving and devouring the glorious products sent to me by Cuckoo Foods, Rebel Kitchen, Wolfy’s, Virtue Ice Tea and Spoon Cereals. I have to admit I have been so spoiled and will miss receiving parcels every day!

Cuckoo Foods: This creamy bircher muesli is great fuel for the day. My favourite flavour was the Apricot & Madagascan Vanilla with a tangy raspberry compote, which was extremely NUMMA. I adore the packaging and thought the combination of textures was really fab. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more of these pots.


Rebel Kitchen: I am still dreaming about their choco mylk. The whole thing is only 52 calories and is the perfect snack or sweet treat at the end of lunch. Dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free… I could drink this elixir all day.


Wolfy’s porridgeI have to admit –  I gave these away to various porridge addicts, and the feedback was sensational. I think the berry compote went down extremely well and the fact it’s so easy to make was a big plus.


Virtue Ice Tea: I drank both the lemon and strawberry and peach. I think the lemon just clinched the flavour competition. The ice tea taste transported me to a sunny beach in Europe. Low in calories, high in vitamins, full of flavour – it’s a winner.


Spoon cereals: I had a bowl of the cinnamon granola this morning. It was divine. I have since had a handful of the apple and peanut as an after lunch snack. After a bit of discussion with a colleague, we decided that this muesli would make delicious flapjacks too. Although quite high in calories, a smattering of this delicious oaty goodness has really set me up for the day.


I feel so privileged to have tried all these products. If you are a breakfast lover and want to scoff it on the go or at your desk at work, enjoy convenient packaging and exciting flavour combinations, then I honestly recommend trying any of these brands. They added a sprinkling of happiness to my breakfast each morning!

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