Slimming salmon

My PLI supper last night was a delicious piece of salmon and steamed broccoli with a numma sauce to brighten the whole thing up.

Ingredients for one include:

First things first, turn your oven on to 200 degrees and leave her to heat up. To prepare your salmon create a little boat shape out of tin foil and pop your salmon fillet inside. Add a splash of water, some chopped dill, the juice of half your lemon and some salt and pepper. Then seal her up, leaving enough room inside your little parcel to allow the fish to steam.


Once your oven is hot enough whack the fish in for 12 minutes. In the meantime roughly pull your broccoli apart and steam the florets for 10 minutes. While your broccoli and fish are cooking, prepare the sauce by combining the half fat creme fraiche, yoghurt, the juice of the other half of your lemon, plenty of chopped dill and your capers.


Spoon the sauce over the salmon fillet and enjoy. This baby comes in at just under 300 calories, making it numma for the lips and hips. Pop this into a tupperware for lunch at the office too.


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