Meat Free Mondays

Last Thursday I went for dinner at a very old friend’s house with a gang of school friends. Emerald is a truly fab cook, and you might have seen the moliterno truffled cheese on my instagram…

But she also created the most delicious dip to have with tortillas as a starter, which I recreated for a light Monday night supper.

All you need for this meat free Monday delight is:

  • 1 tin of artichoke hearts
  • 100g bag of spinach
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • a dessertspoon of Philadelphia
  • a dessertspoon of creme fraiche 
  • parmesan

The portions above will serve two. Begin by finely chopping your onion and sweating it in some olive oil. Add your garlic clove and let that cook a bit. Open the tin of artichokes and drain them, before chopping them up roughly and adding to the pan with the spinach.


Once the spinach has wilted add the creme fraiche and philly and give it a stir with a grind of black pepper.


Then if serving as a dip, put into a nice ramekin and grate over parmesan cheese and serve with tortillas.


But seeing as this was my supper, I decided to beef it up a bit by whacking the delicious mix onto a piece of Vogel soya and linseed bread, topped it with parmesan cheese, and for a little decadence added a drizzle of truffle oil. YummaNumma, meat free and easy as pie.


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