Celebrating over a pizza

I heard on the radio yesterday that by 22nd January, two thirds of the New Year’s diet brigade will have opened up the family bag of doritos, dived in and given up on healthy eating. Well… I don’t think I have quite given up completely, but last night I definitely fell off the wagon in rather a big way.

The restaurant: Franco Manca, Brixton Village. I know they have been around for a while (I’ve always been a bit behind the curve), but they are now all across London and I reckon it’s the perfect place for a cheap bite.


The reason: this was a long overdue dinner with friends from my ski season. As it happened, all of them had an incredibly exciting piece of news to celebrate: Ali is expecting a baby, Soph’s getting married and Kips’ is off for a 9 month stint working as a doctor in Auckland, New Zealand. My jaw dropping news? I started a food blog…not quite in the same league, but enough to justify joining in the celebrations.


On the menu: we ordered two number 4’s (Gloucester Old Spot ham, buffalo ricotta, and wild mushrooms) a 3 (wild broccoli, mozarella, Gloucester Old Spot sausage) and a 6 (tomato, cured chorizo and mozarella) and that meant we could all have a bit of everything in true Gavin and Stacey style. The number 4 was particularly good, with deliciously creamy ricotta. Depending on which way you are inclined, we actually asked for extra tomatoes on both the number 3 and 4’s as they’re both meant to be white pizzas, but this didn’t seem to be a problem and I am sure we weren’t the first. This was all washed down with plenty of  garlic and chilli oil and a few bottles of the house white wine.


On the numma scale? Really delish pizzas, impressively sourced ingredients and wonderful crisp crusts for dunking in garlic oil. Unbelievably good value too. Only negative is that you do have to queue, but I guess it means they are doing something right. Overall, big thumbs up.

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