Smashed avo on 70s crackerbread

This is a go to fave of mine at the moment. I eat them for lunch to beef up a bowl of soup, but reckon they would make a good elevenses pit stop too.

You can make these in 5 mins. No hassle, totally yummy and pretty healthy too. Tick, tick, tick.

All you need is:

  • Half an avocado, chefs tip: keep the stone in the half you’re saving for tomorrow and it stops the avo from going brown
  • Teaspoon of finely chopped jalapenos or more for those who like things fiery
  • The juice of half a lime
  • Crackerbread, these are low calorie and act as a vehicle for the yummy topping. Feel free to replace with something more substantial like Ryvita or bread
  • Salt and pepper


Peel and roughly chop your avo.

Then add the jalapenos and roughly mash with the back of a fork. Squeeze over your lime juice and give it a good grind of salt and pepper.

Avo mush

Pile high onto your crackerbreads and get scoffing.Β Top with sliced cherry tomatoes and a few pumpkin seeds if you’re feeling adventurous.

final product


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